Tanzania Peaberry Full City Roast

  • Plum, raisin, milk chocolate, full body
  • Single Origin (100% Tanzanian)
  • Specialty Grade, +85
  • Roasted midway to second crack
  • 12 oz Whole Bean package with one way CO2 valve & tin tie for added freshness

First introduced by the Jesuits in the 1800’s, this coffee is farmed by thousands of poor, small lot farmers in the rough terrain of Mt Kilimanjaro. This unique bean is known as a "peaberry", meaning that only one bean is produced per coffee cherry instead of the typical two beans; therefore, it takes twice the effort to harvest. Your purchase helps establish a new initiative to help organize these farmers, train them, giving them a strong global voice, expanded market, and sustainability.

Our partnerships and initiatives:
- Promote economic growth & personal enterprise.
- Provide market access with fair prices.
- Encourage farmers to re-invest into their own communities. 

Hand Roasted & Packaged at Maple Mount Farm by Share Collective, Inc. ©