Do you offer FREE SHIPPING?

FREE SHIPPING actually does not exist. Retailers will boost their prices to cover their shipping costs. We have chosen to beat down our retail prices and show transparent shipping costs, giving every customer our "Commercial Plus" discounted USPS rate. This means that the more one orders, the less is paid per unit for shipping! Not so with "FREE SHIPPING" found in most online stores.

Remember, we ship straight from roast, whereas, most coffees found online offering "Free Shipping", i.e. Amazon Prime, have been taken into inventory and shelved for well past what we would consider "fresh roast" status (3-7 days)

Can I get a price break for large quantity retail orders?

We offer regular sales that make small and large purchases a great deal! However, should you or your business or church like to enter into a wholesale purchase arrangement let us know and we can give you a price breakdown by volume.

For more information, contact us at Orders@ShareRoastery.com and put "Large Quantity" in subject line. 

Do you offer ground coffee?

We offer whole bean coffee to preserve its freshness, and we would encourage customers to find an inexpensive grinder to use to have the best quality coffee experience. On large commercial contract orders requiring what we call "FrakPaks" (measured out pouches) or specific private label sub-brands, we do offer pre-ground upon request as we roast and package. 


What is the time between roasting and shipping my order? 

Beginning March 2017 we have been capable of shipping coffees in 24 hours or less from roast! We rapid cool our beans and "hot pack" in specially designed bags with one-way valves, allowing CO2 to escape, pushing out nearly 100% of oxygen that would cause the beans to go stale in just days. Then with 2-day USPS shipping the beans you open are many times less than 3 days from roast, retaining 100% of their "just roasted" qualities.

Can you do a private label for a business, church, individuals?

Yes! For a special occasion, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, you could have your own private label in a professional, quality bag, custom labeled.

 We make the process very simple, and will walk you through every step. Unless your group has camera ready labels already developed, it's best to give a 3-4 week turn around time frame from order to delivery. We can also design your label at very competitive rates.

Can my church or group participate in working directly with small lot coffee farmers and their communities?

Yes! We are seeking partners who would be willing to forge long term relationships and embark on sustainable strategies to help change generations in unlikely places!

Do you or will you offer decaf?

Yes! We have done our homework and research finding what we prefer as our "go to" decaffeination method: Mountain Water Process (MWP). This uses only mountain water, no chemicals, to leach caffeine from the beans. Also, and what we love about this method, since our beans begin certified organic, this process allows this certification to stand! Not true with many if not most other methods.