Papua New Guinea Western Highlands -Light Roast

Cup Notes: Sweet Caramel, Cedar, Butter

Process: Wet Processed

Region: Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea

Producer: Single estate, Kuto family

Altitude: 5249-5900 ft

Cup Score: 84 of 100

This is an A/X grade, organic certified coffee from the Chimbu Province in Papua New Guinea. This coffee was grown on the slopes of the mountainous region of Gunagnni in the SineSine district at altitudes of 1600 - 1800m and include Arusha, Bourbon, and Typica varieties.

Simbu, officially spelled Chimbu, is a Highlands Region province in Papua New Guinea. The province has an area of 6,112 km² and the capital of the province is Kundiawa. Mount Wilhelm (4509m), the tallest mountain in Papua New Guinea, is on the northern border of Simbu.

Simbu in the local dialect really means Sipuuuu, which means "thank you". Simbu is located in the central highlands cordillera of Papua New Guinea. It shares geographic and political boundaries with five provinces: Jiwaka, Eastern Highlands, Southern Highlands, Gulf and Madang. It is a significant source of organically produced coffee.