Whether you wish to purchase in quantity for your church, business or special occasion or you would like help developing your own "private label" (sub-brand), we are here to help!

Quantity Pricing...  If you are looking for our best prices for orders of 50 to 5,000 12 oz units, we will work with you on your needs. Message us below and tell us what you need and we'll promptly reply! Weddings, large parties & galas, gifts for clients are just some of the requests we get for quantity purchases.

Private Label..  We make it simple to have your own "private label" coffee! A private label coffee is our great coffee with your label design, name, and cause. We will walk you through each step, whether you'll need 100 units or eventually 100,000 units!

Cost: A one time set up fee of $250.00 begins the process! Using our standard white or black 5ml coffee bags and matte or gloss labels, we do not charge extra for your private label! That's right! We love getting you the quality coffees that help tell the story of our farmers and know you'll help us best when you feel the most ownership.. 

 Bean Selection: Each single origin coffee is uniquely priced according to our raw price. We will give you several to choose from. Most of our beans are directly from our initiatives and others are from regions we are working on entering. All our beans are of the highest quality, grown at elevations above 4,500 feet above sea level. Most are wet processes. Dry or honey processing is available for orders above 500, as it is a special order.
  • Roasting: You will have the choice of Light, Medium, or Dark roasts. We can grind your beans if desired, but highly recommend whole bean to preserve the best the bean can offer. 
  • Packaging: You will have choices of our standard matte white or matte black bags, FDA approved with degassing valve and matching tin tie (for re-closing). We have additional options of more colors and styles (pouches, etc) for a minimum order of 500 and small additional fee according to selection. 
  • Labeling: We will give you the design dimensions for you to work with or we can design at a reasonable rate ($35/design hour). We have proprietary language that must be on at least the back label, plus any certification emblems or language (Organic, Fair Trade, etc) must comply with what we have confirmed. 
  • Turn around time: If you select the raw beans and bags we have in stock, once the final approvals are made for labeling we can ship your order in a week or less. 
  • Reorder: The first "private label" order takes the longest, but all subsequent orders and a text or email away!
  • Payment: For orders from 100-250 units, payment is due upon receipt, and a credit card link will be sent. For orders over 250 a deposit of 25% is due prior to roasting, and will be deducted from final billing. Payment is also due upon receipt of product, and we send a credit card link and can provide electronic bank transfer information as well.

For more information, message us below!

Private Label Examples: