What are "Same Day" Coffees?


What is the difference from fresh roasted, fresh packed coffee and store bought coffees (generally)? Enter, “the bloom”!  You may have seen this phenomenon, the bloom, at your favorite coffee shop, as boiling water is slowly introduced over fresh ground coffee to make a “pour over”.

The science is pretty cool: Roasted coffee goes through many chemical changes, one of which is release carbon dioxide, much of which gets trapped in the bean. When boiling water is “poured over” the fresh ground coffee C02 is released, producing what is known as the “bloom.”  The fresher the coffee from roast, the more CO2 is released. None of this applies to previously ground coffee, however.

 Compare for yourself side by side the “bloom” when making a pour over with any store bought brand vs the bloom from our coffees.

 Our NEW “Same Day” is even fresher, with an unparalleled flavor. We want our customers to experience for “yourselves” what we, here at Share, enjoy every single day: Coffees delivered directly from roast!  Your “SAME DAY” coffee is roasted & cooled like all our beans, but while still slightly warm, and the CO2 gases are at peak, we lock them away in special packaging with a one-way valve that allows oxygen to be forced out and the beans to have the best environment for freshness, in the very CO2 it produces. Our “SAME DAY” is then shipped that same day by 2-day USPS.

 What about the cost??

We are pricing our “SAME DAY” the same as all our “on demand” coffees, the difference being maybe an extra 2-3 days lag time between your order and our next “SAME DAY” roasts, which happens two times a week currently.

 What about selection??

We are starting with “one origin” and “one roast”, but hope to expand as demand allows. Again… not one bean of our “SAME DAY” beans will be sold “day two” in our “SAME DAY” selection.