How Share Roastery Works...


We limit our roasted stock to two days from roast for optimal freshness!  

The past years we have successfully helped thousands of farm families:

  • enjoy a new life,
  • earn a livable wage,
  • invest into their own businesses,
  • educate their children,
  • improve their nutrition.

Each of our farm initiatives now have their own organizations, registered within their countries, operating and run completely by their own local leadership. Most all the coffees are organically certified, and those that have not reached their certification are well on their way.

We now offer online coffees on a limited basis, fresh roasting twice a month. We have several private label coffees we provide to churches and other organizations wishing to support our farm families.    

Thank you for your continued support, and helping us share the story of emerging hope!

Steve Helm, Founder, Share Collective & Roastery