We are pleased you came to see what is happening through the "Share" initiatives! Our missions is very simple: We seek solutions that empower people to live out their God-given potentials in every dimension of their lives.  

Our focus is on historically struggling agricultural communities in what some call the "3rd world" who have coffee growing potential. As diligent as they may be, they simply find it impossible provide for their families. Traditional strategies to help have not worked all that well. We find, however, that a practical, "business as mission" approach is very effective. It is not a hand out. It is a relationship.

We are proud that our coffees exceed the highest standards of social responsibility, valuing the planet and the people involved from crop to cup. Enjoying this exquisite, specialty coffee, you help us open the door to global markets, giving growers and their families the income and dignity they are created to have.

Our coffees are all single origin, arabica, small lot farmer grown, and hand picked. We hand roast and pack our coffees in the beautiful Middle Tennessee hills at the Maple Mount Farm.

Our partnerships and initiatives:
- Promote economic growth & personal enterprise.
- Provide market access with about commodity prices.
- Encourage farmers to re-invest into their own communities.


Hand Roasted & Packaged at Maple Mount Farm by Share Collective, Inc. ©