Peru - Yanapana Dark Roast

This is an SHB EP grade coffee from Peru that is Fair Trade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance certified.

We love when we can find on the ground leadership we can point isolated farmers to for coaching, mutual support and negotiating strength. This is surely the case with our Peruvian farmers in Cajamarca.

This coffee is sourced through CENFROCAFE, a unique co-op with specific focus on the small lot farmer. The co-op is relatively new, founded in 1999 with 220 small-scale coffee farmers in eleven community-based associations. Nearly fifteen years after their founding, CENFROCAFE serves more than 2,000 farmer members in local associations spanning across twelve districts within the lush Cajamarca region.

From technical assistance and quality control workshops for their farmers, to economic and leadership training for the young people in their rural communities, CENFROCAFE works not only to support the commercial endeavors of its members, but also to facilitate the development of their communities as a whole. The CENFROCAFE financial team provides short-term credit that help farmers cover the front-end costs of the harvest and materials in the coffee production.

CENFROCAFE is one of the leaders in creating a cooperative alliance with like-minded associations in the greater Cajamarca region to provide important technical and marketing services to thousands of small-scale farmers in Northern Peru. Without this kind of strong organization, local farmers would have otherwise been left each to his or her own devices to develop best practices for healthy fields and increased production yields, or for the marketing and sales of their coffee. Results to date are impressive.

On average, CENFROCAFE producers yield 100lb sacks of organic coffee per hectare, and often show in the top finalists in national and international quality competitions. The improved revenue for CENFROCAFE farmers has been instrumental for their access to basic health, education, and other social services.