Grandma's Classic "Home Sweet Home" Blend

1900's Blend:  Colombia Supremo, Guatemala Huehuetenango

CuP:   Sweet, fruity, amazingly balanced

* * * * * * 

Our founder, Javapastor, had his first sips of coffee sitting at his Grandmother (Mary Dickson) Helm's kitchen table. Her silver percolator was always on the stove and the smell of coffee was the first scent one could experience upon entering her small-town, Indiana home, where her pastor-husband, Eldon, and their six sons and their families would gather often, especially for the holidays.

In celebration of those who have come before us, especially during the holiday season, Share Collective is offering a limited "Home Sweet Home" edition, reminiscent of the blends enjoyed a in the late 1800's through the mid-1900's.