Brazil Famosa Honey Processed

Processed: Honey Processed

Altitude: 3000-3600 ft

Cupping Notes: Strawberry, naturally sweet, medium acid, light cocoa 


Brazil Famosa is a combination of coffees from five small family-owned farms  in two top-quality regions: Fazendas Lenheiros, Alcaan, Santa Barbara and Queixadas from Cerrado and Fazenda do Lobo from Sul de Minas.

Ripe and raisin cherries (cherries left to dry on the tree) were mechanically harvested, sent to the washing station on the farm by horseback and were cleaned and separated by density (ripe to one side, raisin to the other). They were dried in the sun on cement patios and then put in mechanical driers to ensure an even result.

After drying, they rested in wooden boxes for 30-plus days before being hulled, reprocessed (sorted by screens and with color and density) and sealed in Grainpro(r) bags preserving the precise moisture content and amazing flavors.