November 25, 2019

Welcome to the Share Collective & Roastery Story...

 We have a “cause” with a coffee! Our passion is working with the very poor, living on $2 or less per day in developing countries. That describes most small lot coffee farmers in the world. Share Collective was founded by Pastor Steve Helm, who has developed over 40 fam schools, working in East Africa, Central
America, and Haiti, where he also established a coffee co-op of over 2,000 farm families following the devastating 2010 earthquake.    

We employ innovative solutions to address what seems to be the never-ending needs and stigma of hunger, poverty, nutritionally-based diseases and the economic orphan epidemic.  “It’s all about the world’s oldest profession: food production,” our founder shared in a White House meeting before curious leaders of US-AID and the Department of Agriculture.

This strategy is simple: modeling farming best practices, while creating small co-ops to give communities a single negotiating voice. Because these places of great need also have coffee potential, Share Collective has become a principal advocate on behalf of thousands of small lot farmers, presenting their coffees to major global coffee importers, and securing contracts on their behalf at no cost to them. The results have been incredible: Hope is emerging among people who had been living with generational food insecurity, substandard housing, and many losing their children to orphanages due to insufficient funds to raise them.


Each cup tells the story…

  • Emerging hope among struggling coffee farm families,
  • Strengthening of entire communities through their local churches, who house the farm schools,
  • And sustainable income from their united agricultural efforts, including coffee.
So, our competition is not other coffee companies. We are in a race to eradicate the plight of poverty, stamp out dependency, food insecurity, and diseases that hinder growth and education in children. 









Drink Coffee. Help People.