Rwanda Kabirizi Dark Roast
Rwanda Kabirizi Dark Roast
Rwanda Kabirizi Dark Roast

Rwanda Kabirizi Dark Roast

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  • Cup: Earthy, citrus, Clean Hops finish, Full Body
  • Single Origin (100% Rwanda)
  • Farm: Kabirizi Farm, washing station
  • Roasted mid second crack (Full City+)
  • 12 oz Whole Bean package with one way CO2 valve & tin tie for added freshness

Lake Kivu, in the south-west quadrant of this tiny African country, is an incredible Rwandan region. The climate of the lake and the volcanic soils come together in resulting in producing deep cherry fruit tones in these lovely coffees. An extra bonus for this specific coffee is that it is certified organic, a rarity for African coffees, but not for Share Collective, as we seek out growers who either already possess certification or desire it.

The folks we work with began with 110 farmers in 2001, and have developed a strong, vibrant coop, now numbering over 2,200. When we find a “moving train” already headed the direction we want to go, we hop on it! And this central Fair Trade, certified cooperative fits the bill in every way.

Here are just a few powerful attributes:

  • Like us, they are committed to environmental and social sustainability in addition to producing high quality coffee.
  • Waste by-products created during the coffee washing process are used to as fertilizer rather than discarded into the lake, and shade trees are distributed to farmers to prevent soil erosion.
  • The co-op organized itself around strategic values, resulting in the construction of primary & secondary schools, health-care clinics, and roads and bridges in the community.
  • They have a program to distribute cows and goats to the most productive farmers, incentivizing hard work and utilizing the best agricultural practices to sustain
  • The co-op also provides farmers with an agricultural advisor to educate the growers about the latest production methods.

Enjoying our micro lot beans from these heroic, hard-working people speaks volumes to their tireless character and drive to make their world better and see hope emerge from the strongest partner to the weakest, most vulnerable in their communities.

Our partnerships and initiatives:
- Promote economic growth & personal enterprise.
- Provide market access with fair prices.
- Encourage farmers to re-invest into their own communities. 

Hand Roasted & Packaged at Maple Mount Farm by Share Collective, Inc. ©