What is Share Collective and Share Roastery?

Native coffee grows best under a canopy of trees, not rows in an open field.

Our mission is simple:  We seek agricultural solutions that empower people to live out their God-given potentials in every dimension of their lives.  

Our focus is on struggling agricultural communities in what has been called, "the 3rd world," --especially those who have coffee growing potential. In these regions live diligent, hard working people who have simply found it impossible to provide for their families. Governmental programs, NGOs have historically focused on these areas, but with little change. We find, however, that a practical, "business as mission" approach is very effective. It is not a hand out. It is a relationship.

Our Goal is to see these communities economically empowered, which, in turn, will see advancement in nutrition, education, health, and the positive list goes on!

The best concrete deliverable that bridges the divide between the "third world" and "your world" is coffee-- second most traded commodity on the planet. We invest personally, relationally, and practically to see coffee trumpet the human potential of these regions. 

Yes, coffee has become "cool" and the cultural language of the "in" crowd, but before coffee was art, it was heart and sweat, and forethought, and time contributed by the many who for so long have gotten so little for what they do. 

Great care has gone into bringing you the coffees we feature. With few exceptions, most are grown & harvested using practices that earn them an Organic Certification. Others are both Organic and Fair Trade. This speaks of the resolve of the small lot farmers you are supporting with your purchase.

How does this coffee get to your cup? The beans are harvested by hand, taken to small washing stations throughout the mountainside where the fruity portion (or pulp) is removed. It is then dried either on raised beds or on large concrete slabs before it is hand sorted and shipped to the U.S. Brokers then certify the shipment, quality, weight before it ultimately travels to a roaster, like Share Roastery, where the coffee is hand roasted at the historic Maple Mount Farm in the shadow of the Tennessee hills.

We are proud that this coffee exceeds the highest standards of social responsibility, valuing the planet and the people involved from crop to cup. Enjoying this exquisite, specialty coffee, you help us open the door to global markets, giving growers and their families the income and dignity they are created to have.

Our partnerships and initiatives:
- Promote economic growth & personal enterprise.
- Provide market access with fair prices.
- Encourage farmers to re-invest into their own communities.

Hand Roasted & Packaged at Maple Mount Farm by Share Collective, Inc. ©