Cascara is HERE!

We have researched the use of cascara, as it was enjoyed in Ethiopia and Yemen. This was the original coffee beverage, well before roasting coffee seeds (beans) was practiced. Cascara has been found to have one of the highest amount of antioxidants among all foods (see ORAC value).  

We offer two versions:

  • Cascara, unblended, which can be used as a tea, or used in baking much like dates or raisins.
  • Cascara Ancient Ethiopian Blend

Our blend is remeniscent of the hashara in Ethiopia and qishr in Yemen enjoyed in ancient times, bringing together what then would have been some of the best, most expensive spices, cinnamon and ginger. Today we are understanding the great health benefits of cascara and the blended spices. This beverage has been lost to most of the world for hundreds of years, but now can be enjoyed.