Fighting for peace with "beans, not bullets"...

A sweet "normal" moment (right) of a mom and her son in war torn Burundi. For Gloria (not her real name), seen here with her son, Christophe (not his real name), there is constant fear while this single mom, whose husband lost his life recently, makes every effort to keep her family safe & fed. Markets in her village, which are prevalent throughout the third world, are often disrupted or not always safe. So consistent food is often scarce. 
Burundi, slightly smaller than the state of Maryland, has suffered genocidal wars for decades. Oppression that is religiously-politically based, is the rule. Suffering and malnutrition are the norm. Shortages of even simple things we take for granted are the way of life. 
 “Blood flows everywhere in Burundi, that’s how things are,” said the young farmer,
rolling up his trouser legs and a shirt sleeve to show cuts and bruises, almost as raw as his anguish. (The Guardian)
 (Sarcasm alert) The scene just described certainly will not be part of the warm prints displayed in “well known” coffee shops, where the chill tunes, sounds of steaming milk, and casual conversations are all the “thing.”  This, however, is a region mostly forgotten by the west where there is the
potential for you to do something. Today!
 Support our efforts to help small lot farmers in Burundi. There is no shortage in the strong work ethic of these incredible survivors, producing world-class coffee! Rather than waiting for someone to come and bail them out or create their new future, we find an unstoppable eagerness to push forward. Buying their incredible coffee empowers entire groups of families with hope for a different, better future, while supplying income for “survival” now! There’s no simpler way to to help fragile families --that also satisfies your daily love for the bean.
That’s why we say, "Drink Coffee. Help People."
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Steve Helm, Founder & Master Roaster