• Much of the world enjoys the benefits of their hard work.
  • For generations, their families have committed themselves to its skillful production.
  • For all their efforts, most families still live on less than $2 a day.

I am referring to coffee families in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Coffee companies artfully show their humble homes and rugged, antiquated surroundings. It warms our hearts to sip our favorite brew, see the amazing photography with the impression that we are somehow connected to helping to make a better life for these valiant, but voiceless, people.

On the ground, however, little has changed for the lives of coffee families. Even as labels such as “Fair Trade” and “sustainable” infuse the marketing of coffee, fact is, the lives of most coffee farmers have changed little as they still receive a fraction of the finished and quite-depressed price of coffee. Most are shocked to know that while costs to live, medical needs, and education have risen, the return coffee families get on their hard work has not appreciably changed for decades. Decades! 


Don't get me wrong, I value what the Fair Trade initiative attempts to do to add value to producers. In many cases, however, it does not seem all that "fair" when the cost of living life increases but the value of one's work does not.

Share Collective seeks to trumpet the value of coffee farmers, open the door to global market access, empower the families at the ground level, and see entire communities changed economically, nutritionally, educationally, and spiritually.


Love these people... by enjoying and gifting their coffee.

Empower these people... by helping me forge lasting, long-term business relationships that will change generations.

Value these people... by helping me give them “voice” in the global community.

Change the world... one cup at a time.

Share Collective... not a coffee business, but a people business.

Having been a senior pastor, executive pastor and international strategist, I want to help your church dream big about your role from your neighborhoods to the nations!

Let me help you “Take the MISS out of MISSIONS” (tm)


Contact me and let me help YOUR CHURCH impact culture "here" and around the world!